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Real Madrid 1 – 1 Juventus | Who would have thought

There will be no new 100% Spanish clash at the Champions League’s final. Beaten in the first leg in Turin (1-2), Real Madrid failed to reverse the situation. It will be a final between Juventus & Barcelona, ​​June 6th in Berlin.

Considered to be the weakest amongst the four teams present in the semi-finals of the 2015 Champions League, Juventus managed to achieve the feat of eliminating the defending champion, Real Madrid (3-2 agg ). The Old Lady’s club is back at the top of Europe, twelve years after it’s last final (2003). A reawakening for the Turin club. It was however far from over for the Bianconeri, since the Madrileños kept multiplying their attacks, in hopes of signing a second consecutive European title. Unfortunately, their offensive lacked the necessary efficiency. Gareth Bale missed several opportunities espacially in the second half, which should fuel a little more the rumors of a Bale against all. However, the beginning of the match looked promising, especially when the referee whistled a very generous penalty, following a charge from Chiellini on James Rodriguez …


A penalty easily transformed into a goal by Cristiano Ronaldo (22nd), thereby joining Leo Messi at the top of the scoring list in this competition. A goal that came to reward Real Madrid’s players for their good start. But the Spanish gradually lowered the tone, allowing Juventus to get back in the game, even if Benzema could widened the gap at the end of the first period with a strike from the left, blocked by Buffon (42nd).

In the second half, Juventus will confirm their good period. Marchisio tries a long shot (51st) before Morata scores the equalizing goal (57th). The Spaniard, trained at Real Madrid and already scorer in the first leg, takes advantage of a cross with the head from Paul Pogba to whip Casillas at close range. A goal that changes everything, since it allowed Juventus, to virtually qualify for the final of the Champions League.


The end of the game is going to be a succession of occasions in favor of Real Madrid, on which Gareth Bale will be illustrated by his lack of efficiency. And inevitably, Juventus will exploit all situations to counter. Morata (66th), Marchisio (70th) and Paul Pogba (88th) scorer in his return to Serie A have missed the opportunity to ensure Juve’s qualification. But it will be inconsequential, because Real Madrid will not be able to find the weak spot despite four minutes of added time.


Final score 1-1, Real is eliminated and hence unable to defend their title. On the Italian side however Juventus will be joining Barca in the final. A final that will take place on June 6th in Berlin.

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